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Freeze- Dried Fruits vs Dehydrated Fruits

by Aditya Sinhal on Dec 16, 2022

Freeze- Dried Fruits vs Dehydrated Fruits

We often use Freeze - Dried and Dehydrated interchangeably, however both these methods use a different processing technology/technique.

Freeze dried technology uses lyophilization process through which the original shape , color and taste of the fruit is retained. Dehydration on the other hand relies on heat which results in a chewy , shrunk - dried fruit. 

Both freeze dried and dehydrated fruit remove moisture from the fruit so its help life can be increased, however the freeze dried technology is more sustainable as it can help achieve a longer shelf life.  

Freeze - dried fruits are equivalent to real fruit in terms of nutrition , while the dehydrated fruit may lose 40% of nutrition due to heat.

In conclusion we can say both freeze dried fruits and dehydrated fruits are excellent snack but freeze - dried fruit is a clear winner as it 

  • Retains the actual taste and flavor
  • Retains nutrition and shape
  • Increases shelf life

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