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How Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks are made

by Aditya Sinhal on Dec 16, 2022

How Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks are made


Fruit that has undergone a technique to almost completely remove its moisture while maintaining flavour and nutrients is called freeze-dried fruit. It is a shelf-stable fruit. It has a dry, crunchy texture, a light, airy weight, and a powerful, concentrated fruit flavour.

Smart Yums uses healthy ingredients. advanced technology and innovative packaging technique to produce wholesome and delicious snacks. The futuristic and sustainable technology helps in locking nutrition, shape , texture and smell of the food in its original form.

Let’s delve a little deeper into the process followed at Smart Yums while producing Freeze – dried snacks

Step 1

Fresh fruits are hand-picked. After that, they are  sliced, cleaned, and washed.

Step 2

We freeze-dry the fruit at minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit to remove 98% of its moisture.

Step 3

The fruit is then gathered, examined, and placed in an airtight pack.

All standard procedures and guidelines are followed to make sure that you get all the required fruit nutrition sans the artificial flavours and preservatives

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